New Tag, Better Insurance For Mumbai’s 225ha Mangroves

With saved timberlands tag, office can make exacting move against violators. The Maharashtra government has informed 224.68 hectares (ha) of mangroves in Mumbai, including 40ha along the Mithi waterway, as saved woodlands, following up on a Bombay high court (HC) request of September 2018 that looked for security for the green spread.
With the latest notification, the total area of mangroves protected as reserved forests has touched 3,948 hectares.The zone of the new saved timberlands – around 2.25sqkm – is proportionate to the size of 424 football fields (0.53ha). The tag has been given to a 50.8-ha plot in Charkop, which has detailed decimation of trees in five years, 49.24-ha extend in Vikhroli, 36.1ha in Mahim, 41.1 ha in Versova, 19ha in Turbhe, alongside littler stretches in different territories. Of the backwoods informed along Mithi stream, 36.1ha is along Parik Khadi, Kurla, 3ha along Kolhekalyan close Vakola, Santacruz, and 1.2ha at Bandra (East). With the most recent notice, the all out region of mangroves ensured as saved woodlands has contacted 3,948ha.
The new status as saved backwoods under the Indian Forest Act, 1927 gives more assurance to mangroves as the law restricts all human movement in the zone, including touching, chasing and so forth., while giving more teeth to the timberland office to punish encroachers. “Most mangroves on government land have been announced as saved woods. We are mapping the rest of the stretches locale astute and advising it,” said N Vasudevan, extra head boss conservator of timberland, state mangrove cell. “Telling zones as held woods enables the timberland division to make a move against violators. Something else, the area organization needed to act under the Environment Protection Act, 1986.”
The notice of mangroves along Mithi is critical as the territory had seen flooding during substantial downpour between July 2 and 3. “Mangrove spread in this locale will ingest abundance water flooding banks along the two sides of the waterway,” said Arvind Untawale, official secretary, Mangrove Society of India (MSI), a Goa-based charitable.
As per the Forest Survey of India (FSI), Mumbai has 6,400ha mangroves in suburbia and 200ha in south Mumbai. Of these, near 4,500ha are on government-claimed land and staying in private territories. While Navi Mumbai and the eastern finish of Thane spring have 1,471 ha, the western bank of Thane rivulet has 1,500ha. Up until this point, the state had informed mangrove woods crosswise over 3,723.3ha in the Mumbai rural areas. After the court request, roughly 700ha needed to get reservation inside Mumbai’s civil cutoff points. Right now, 475ha stays to be told.
“An extra 1,500-2,000 ha is staying crosswise over different regions, for example, Thane, Palghar, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg, and throughout the following couple of months, these zones will be informed as held woodlands,” said Vasudevan.

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